Over the next several weeks, I will provide 40 tips to help you get started with your basic financial planning. Some recommendations will be quite basic. Others may be less so, but none will be too confusing. Consider each tip in turn. If you’ve already executed a particular strategy, great! If not, either start on it right away or put it on your to-do list, with a realistic deadline for getting it done.

You: I have plenty of items on my personal to-do list already that aren’t getting done. Why would I want to put anything else on that list?

You’re not alone. We’re all very busy people and some of us actually, and I realize this will shock 0.452% of the blog’s readership, procrastinators–especially about money, But here’s a tip (and it doesn’t count as one of the 40): create some accountability for yourself by telling your spouse, significant other, good friend, or even me. Ask one of us to check in on you later to make sure you are making the progress you wish (and probably need) to be making.

Note that these 40 tips review many of the key strategies we discuss in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, plus a few additional challenges for you to consider.

You: Bring it on, but don’t bore me.

I shall (bring it on), starting tomorrow.

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