Michael on July 10th, 2007
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In her Friends With Much More column posted yesterday to WSJ-online, Diana Ransom discusses a difficult adjustment many recent (and not-so-recent) college graduates face upon transitioning into the “real world.” These twenty and thirty-somethings quickly realize that there are plenty of people, many of them otherwise their peers, with more money than they have. Or as Diana says in her title, much more money.

You: I can totally relate. Some days it doesn’t seem to fair either.

Nope, it’s not. But that’s the deal–life isn’t fair. Furthermore, not everyone who appears to have much more money than you do actually does. They may be spending far above their true capacity by borrowing, sometimes excessively.

You: Even the guy with the big house?

Especially the guy with the McMansion.

Gary: I like my house. And you should see my car.

Gary, how much did you put down on your house?

Gary: 3%

Lease or buy that sporty car?

Gary: Leased it of course; I get much more car that way. Why do you ask such easy questions?

Not sure, especially when I already know the answers.

You: But I am certain that some of my friends really do make a fair bit more than I do. And, as I said before, it can be hard to deal with some days.

Absolutely true. On both points. And there are some good suggestions made in the aforementioned article. In addition, consider the following:

Your friends make the evening enjoyable—not the menu design or the lighting where you meet. When a few friends suggest meeting for dinner, it’s perfectly fine to suggest a place you loved when you had less money. That place is probably less expensive than the trendy yuppie restaurant that just opened. Many of your friends (but not all) will be thrilled to spend $15 on the evening’s food rather than $35. They just lack the courage to propose an alternative to the comparatively free-spending organizers. Don’t be surprised if one or two of your friends thank you for your suggestion—in private.

You: So true.

Thanks, and it’s living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

Comment if you have a suggestion or two to comfortably deal with friends that make more than you do.

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