Michael on July 17th, 2007
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You: When are you coming to Chicago already? You lived here for three years, you say you loved it, and yet you haven’t been back since early 2006 – what’s the deal? The Cubs are playing well, the sun is shining. . .

I’m finally coming back to Chicago and will be there from July 28 through the 30th.

You: Why? I was just kidding. Have you seen the White Sox in the standings? Plus, it’s very hot.

Gee, thanks.

On Saturday, July 28 at about 2:30, I’ll be a guest on “The Money $how. with Bill Moller.” This great program airs on 720 WGN-Radio. If you live in Chicagoland, tune in with any old radio. If you don’t, you can listen live through the Internet.

Then, on the 30th, I’ll be providing a free seminar at the new ING DIRECT cafe at 21 East Chestnut St. All attendees will receive a bunch of great savings tip, plus a free copy of my book, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. You don’t need to be an existing ING DIRECT customer to attend, but it’s definitely best to register in advance.

You: Okay, what about Boston?

Go Sox!

You: They’ve been lucky so far.

Wow, you definitely don’t live anywhere near Fenway Park.

You: Nope.

Your loss. Okay, I’ll be speaking a wonderful event on August 4 in Boston. It’s the Certified Financial Planner Board’s Financial Planning Clinic. This is another event that is free for the public to attend. You can even meet one on one with one of the many Certified Financial Planner professionals who are donating their time that day. The event runs from 10-2 at the Sheraton Boston hotel.

I’ll be speaking for about an hour starting at 11AM about saving and debt strategies. Again, a great event, a free event, but best to register in advance. Learn a bunch more about the Certified Financial Planner Board’s Financial Planning clinic.

Gary: You give too much away.

You take too much away–for nothing.

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2 Comments to “I love Boston but Chicago comes first”

  1. Michael, we look forward to having our alums meet with you in Chicago. Go Blue!

    Mark Smithivas
    UM Club of Chicago

  2. Michael says:

    I also can’t wait to meet with all those Chicago-based Wolverines.

    GO BLUE!

    FYI, Gary went to Halpern State, so he doesn’t get any of this ra-ra stuff.

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