Well, it looks like Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck has struck a cord. Since just last Friday, the book has been profiled on radio (WHEB), TV (WMUR) and print (El Paso Times)! You can always check out the latest media coverage by visiting the Total Candor media room.

You: Why do all these people suddenly care?

Folks have always cared about their personal financial situation. It’s just that it’s never before been easy to find a source of truly unbiased financial planning education.

You: Exactly. I find that so frustrating. I’ve gone to the occasional free seminar but by the end, someone up at the front of the room begins to hawk something or other. As a result, I’m usually skeptical of everything the guy said.

Let me guess. Was he pushing a variable annuity or a whole-life insurance policy on you?

You: I think so.

I have a name for such a person.

You: You do?

Indeed. I call ‘em Gary.

You: Gary?

Yes. Gary represents all that can go wrong in financial services. He’s the type of person who puts his interests ahead of those of his clients.

You: Argh.

I don’t like him either.

Gary: I’m right #$%^#$% here.

I know, you always seem to be nearby. How did you find us this time?

Gary: Same way I always do. There was some confusion – you mentioned something about people wanting to take control of their financial futures but not knowing how to trust, right?

I did.

Gary: Well that’s my opening, my friend!

You won’t be calling me your friend for long.

You: I don’t like Gary either.

Good. Stay with me and you’ll learn how to spot him. Remember, far better to meet him in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck than at a networking event or at a golf course. He’s far easier to recognize here. Who knows? In your town, Gary may even be a woman.

Gary: Hey!

Have you already met Gary? If so, let me know! There’s quite a few of them out there. Just look at this story from today’s New York Times.

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