Michael on August 6th, 2007
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You: I didn’t make it to the CFP® Clinic you told me about in Boston this past Saturday. How did it go?

It was really an amazing event. Anyone who came to the Financial Planning Clinic had the opportunity to attend up to three workshops which covered diverse topics such as cash-flow planning, estate planning, and college funding planning. Also, participants met one-on-one with real-live in-person CFP® professionals.

You: And it was free?


You: What was the catch?

There wasn’t any.

You: Oh c’mon! There’s always a catch. So the planners were at least trying to sell something then, right?

Nope. Not at all. The CFP® Board didn’t use this description, but I will: It was a Gary-free zone. No selling, no business cards, just good, objective free advice.

You: Wow.

It really was a fantastic event. I look forward to next year’s event already.

You: I’ll have to make sure I actually get to it next year. In retrospect, cleaning my car probably could have waited another day or two.

Well, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Remember, saving strategy number four is to “Enjoy Free Stuff.” The CFP® Board’s clinic is about as high-qualtity free stuff as you’ll ever find anywhere.

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2 Comments to “Thank you CFP® Board”

  1. Meg Curry says:

    I attended the CFP board clinic as a volunteer assisting the CFP board staff. I too felt it was a GREAT event – and glad I opted to spend my Sat there. It was unfortunately not as well attended as they’d hoped, and no where near the attendance level in LA last summer. I believe all who attended were very satisfied – at least all the attendees I spoke with were smiling and saying ‘This was really good!’

    I was disappointed that more people didn’t come in — it really was a true freebie. Advisors *can* be contacted by anyone with whom they met, but the contact MUST be initiated by the attendee. (Booklet provided included contact info for all advisors.) Advisors were indeed not allowed to have any marketing mat’ls or business cards handy, and they didn’t — I was in/out of that room, and saw only the name plate and note pad paper they were provided.

    Unfortunately, not likely to be held in Boston again next year. My understanding is that they’re taking it to a different city each year. But one never knows, things change! Definitely keep it in mind if it does return to Boston.

    Meg Curry
    MS Fin’l Planning, Grad. Certificate in Taxation, Bentley College

  2. Michael says:

    Indeed, attendance on the part of consumers was lower than hoped for. On the positive side, with over 160 CFP professional volunteers, not to mention dozens of other people who contributed their time, the staffing part of the equation seems to be mastered.

    It seems like that the Board will determine what worked and what did not. My guess: they’ll produce an event that, while as professional and high quality as last week’s event, will attract even more consumers. Combined, this would lead to the most people being able to change their financial futures.

    People doing that much good will eventually figure a way to do even more.p>

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