Financial planning is not difficult.
You: Yes it is.
No, it isn’t.
You: C’mon!
Seriously. Want proof?
You: Sure.
I once scored more points during a high school intramural basketball game than I received on a calculus test later that same week.
You: That only proves you’re a very good basketball player.
Some of my very best friends would be happy to [...]

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Michael on September 27th, 2007
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When we started Total Candor in 2005, we were optimistic the financial community would look favorably upon our mission to “empower personal financial decision-making through unbiased education.” Ultimately, we were hopeful that financial services firms would see us as a potential partner and not a threat. After all, we’re not trying to obtain [...]

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Michael on September 25th, 2007
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Perhaps you dreamed of being a radio station shock-jock but wound up hawking contact lenses to eye doctors. Of your childhood friends, Ryan is now a high-powered executive and Jason works for the fire department. Karen became a teacher and Michelle remains a perpetual student.
That’s great. Job titles alone do not determine financial destiny. [...]

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Michael on September 24th, 2007
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If you’d like an opportunity to see me live and receive a free copy of my book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, you’ll have the chance to do so this week if you live in or near Los Angeles. Although the original seminar date of September 25 filled up quickly, we have added an additional [...]

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Michael on September 20th, 2007
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I was interviewed for Tuesday’s lead article Fed rate cuts and your credit card. As a result of the Fed’s decision to lower interest rates by one-half of a percent, many people will see a slight reduction in the rates they pay on certain debts – most notably, variable interest rate credit cards. [...]

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If you’d like an opportunity to see me live and receive a free copy of my book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, you’ll have the chance to do so this week if you live in or near New York, Philadelphia or Wilmington, Delaware. Although the original tour dates filled up quickly, we have added additional [...]

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You: I just bought this whole life insurance policy yesterday. Was that a good idea?
It might have been, but I don’t know.
You: How come?
Well, I’d have a lot of questions to ask you before I could comment on what’s appropriate for your situation.
You: What kind of questions?
As in your income, assets, marital status, [...]

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Michael on September 11th, 2007
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You: Trusts aren’t for me–they’re for rich people, right?

Many people assume trusts are only for the extremely wealthy. And while there is certainly a place for trusts among the affluent, a revocable living trust makes sense for many people living a typical middle-class lifestyle.
You: How so?
A trust provides for a cleaner passing of your [...]

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Michael on September 10th, 2007
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. . . that your heirs are going to be happy that you did not have one.
You: But I’m in my late twenties and no one is going to confuse me with a Rockefeller. What’s the rush?
Even if you aren’t likely to die with a large sum of money, a will can [...]

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Last week I was featured in Smart Money’s “The Pro Shop.” As you’ll see in the article, the reporter and I had an interesting discussion about what financial services firms are doing, can be doing, and are likely to begin doing as the importance of Gen Y continues to grow.
Let me know what you [...]

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