Michael on October 10th, 2007
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Many people are unable to invest because they are intimidated by the prospect of making investment choices. Whether they have an exceptionally low risk tolerance or a general fear of making a mistake, their emotions prevent them from either saving in the first place or properly investing the savings they have.

Yet nothing–not your specific investment selections, not the types of investment categories you choose, not your market timing–has the impact on your future net worth as much as the amount you save and invest in the first place. So focus there.

Channel your energies into generating as much savings as you can, invest them to the best of your abilities, and sleep well at night. The odds are in your favor. It is not how well you invest, it is how much you invest that makes the difference.

Plus. when you’re saving, you’re living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. It’s definitional.

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