Michael on October 2nd, 2007
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Last Saturday, September 29, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hosted The Money Conference for state employees at the State House in Boston. This free conference provided a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn the basics of financial planning in a safe (non-selling) environment.

Happy to accept the opportunity to help, I presented two different workshops (Budgeting Basics and Investing 101) to about 200 people.

One of the best feelings a speaker can enjoy is for an audience member to come up to the speaker after the presentation and tell the speaker that it felt as though the speaker was talking specifically to the attendee. That happened a few times Saturday. It’s a good thing, because it means the straightforward Total Candor approach works. But after thanking them, I always make sure that they understand the implications of what they have just learned. Specifically, that while the information they have just learned is critical, if it not acted upon, they have simply wasted a nice Saturday. The bottom line is always that you have to just get started.

Fortunately, many do.

There’s another free Money Conference coming up on October 27 in Worcester, MA where I’ll be presenting (once again) Investing 101. This conference is open to everyone, not just state employees. For more information, visit The Money Conference web site.

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