Michael on November 2nd, 2007
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Although these top 40 strategies are thorough, they serve only as an introduction to personal financial planning. It’s critical that you keep learning so you can take your financial affairs to the next level (in a positive direction, of course). A few easy ways to do so:

However, while it’s important that you commit to continuing your financial education, it’s just as critical that you legitimately start taking action. The same way you can’t stay in school forever (even PhD’s eventually go to work), you won’t achieve your financial goals succeed solely by learning about money.

If you’re feeling a little intimidated, begin slowly by implementing one or two of the strategies discussed here or listed in Appendix A of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. As you feel more comfortable, you’ll gain momentum and the confidence necessary to check a few more items off the list.

You’ll make some mistakes along the way– everyone does. The key is to make small mistakes and to make them when you are as young as possible. Larger mistakes made when you are older and closer to retirement are much harder mistakes from which to recover.

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Armed with the Top 40 Introductory Financial Planning Strategies, you now have a basic understanding of personal finance. You know the basics and can interact with others on a new level—even Gary. And, of course, you’re aware that what you don’t know can hurt you.

In addition, you now own a financial planning education you can use to achieve your lifelong financial goals. As with most things in life, implementation is the key to success. Having the necessary knowledge but choosing not to help yourself leaves you an unsympathetic figure. Unlike most people, you have an opportunity. But now, possessing this education, you have an additional burden, as you must choose between:

  • procrastinating at your own peril, or
  • accepting this opportunity and taking deliberate and confident steps to make your own financial success story come true.

Which will you choose?

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