You: That is a crazy title.

I hear you. So I’m reading the newspaper the other day and my eyes drift to an advertisement that has as its header: “If you purchased a gem diamond . . . You may have a claim to receive benefits in a proposed class action settlement.”

I don’t know about you, but the engagement ring I purchased for my wife was one of the most expensive things I ever bought, so the idea of getting a partial refund without having to take the ring off my wife’s finger was rather intriguing. So I dug a little more. Here is what I found out and what you could benefit from:

Key considerations:

You had to buy the diamond between January 1, 1994 and March 31, 1996.

You: Darn. I got engaged in May 1997.

See?! You should have listened to your girl. If you had just went for it a few months earlier, you might have saved a few bucks.

You need to visit and complete your form by May 19, 2008.

There’s plenty of more information there, and it’s fairly easy to follow. And, for what it’s worth, this applies to all diamonds, not just those on engagement rings. Furthermore, there’s over $100 million put away for this settlement.

You: How much will I get?

As you’ll see in their FAQs, they don’t know.

You: Well, what do you think?

I know even less than they do; I’m simply pointing out the opportunity. But the form takes just a few minutes. Even if you only a few bucks, it’s basically free money.

And smart people never turn down free money.

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