Michael on January 28th, 2008
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Last week’s post The stock market is way up, which I wrote during a day in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about 100 points, was highlighted as a money article of the week in the Carnival of Personal Finance. It was also included in Free Money Finance’s (a wildly popular and useful financial blog) post featuring a short listing of “star money articles.

If you’re looking for additional sources of candid real-person financial tips and information, those postings (with countless links) are great places to start. In the interest of your time (which, I don’t know, just may be limited), I’ll highlight two relatively brief posts that I found particular thought-provoking:

7 Tips for Streamlining Your Shopping List includes some good tips for saving time and money while grocery shopping.

This post has a picture in it that makes my skin crawl. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m allergic to caffeine.

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