Michael on February 27th, 2008
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Shea K., a Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck reader, asked to write a guest blog post. I loved her pitch: What better occasion to save a little time than a post about America Saves Week? Worked for me. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did:

Although America Saves Week is not as exciting as Talk Like a Pirate Day (But how can anything compete with the rare 21st century opportunity to leave the house donning a bandana, eye patch, and hook, all the while shouting “Avast me hearties!”?)

Still, America Saves Week is a whole week compared to just one day; so, by implication is seven times more important than Talk Like a Pirate Day. Plus, although it lacks the pillaging, America Saves Week is a fair bit more practical and better for you. Want both? Think of Talk Like a Pirate Day as dessert. Tasty, sweet, indulgent. But too much can give you a stomach ache. Think of America Saves Week as your vegetables. Good for you and ultimately not nearly as dreadful as you initially feared.


By using America Saves Week as your excuse to get started, you’ll have a lot. In just a week! Perhaps a plan to cut back on coffees or forego expensive lunches. You’ll come up with ideas on how changing just a few things can really add up. At the end of the first week, you may find you’ve already put some savings away. More importantly, long after the glory of America Saves Week has faded, your new habits mean you will continually add to that savings.

What will it mean for you, personally?

Perhaps it will fund a new car, a new TV, better preparation for a financial emergency, or your child’s college education. It may even allow you to retire in your 50’s instead of your 60’s. Whatever you do with the savings, you are better off taking advantage (dare I say “celebrating?”) America Saves Week. So have fun, go wild! But most importantly, start today. Eat dinner at home instead of spending your way to grow someone else’s bank account.

With a little dedication and a slightly offbeat sense of humor, you’ll have enough money for some good pirate garb when it’s time for Talk Like a Pirate Day in September!


Here are some tips from the Vanguard Retirement Planning Web Site page about America Saves Week:

  • Opt for a more modest cup of coffee instead of your regular gourmet blend.
  • Bring your lunch to work, even if it’s just a few days a week.
  • Cancel any subscriptions that you no longer use or enjoy. This includes premium cable channels.
  • Rent a video or see a matinee. Avoid those talkative evening theater crowds.
  • Book your vacation travel online, including hotels.
  • Pay with a debit card instead of a credit card. If it’s not in your bank account, you can’t spend it

What do you think? Got any ideas you care to share? Are you going to do anything special about this year’s America Saves Week or will you just blow it off? Any plans for September 19?

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