Michael on February 25th, 2008
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Sometimes they are rewarded, sometimes not. See the bottom for how Total Candor rewards graduate students.*

But first, one hard-working graduate student who goes by Broke Grad Student, just put out this personal finance carnival and included the Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck post Your Income Tax Return: Benefit From the Pain.

If you’re one who struggles with perfectionism, then I Paid for This Twice Already’s post Perfection is the Enemy of Progress is a good read. I might have titled it a little differently in that procrastination is also one of progress’s chief nemesis.

You’ve got a challenge, however. If you stop what you’re doing right now to read an article about the impact of perfectionism and procrastination, does that help or hurt your cause?

*If you’re a full-time graduate student (broke or not), Total Candor Tax Prep will do your tax return for half-off our ordinary and already affordable fees.

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