Michael on February 20th, 2008
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Am I making you hungry? Shortly after each of these recent post about food shopping, I begin to wander toward the land of salty snacks. That’s dangerous. Speaking of salty snacks,

  • Do you look in your refrigerator or pantry closet before you go food shopping?

You: Why is that important?

Even with a small kitchen, I’m amazed at what gets tucked away. Tomato sauce from nine months ago hides in the corner while we keep buying more. Twelve more cans of cream of mushroom soup are haphazardly discovered as we go to put away the dozen purchased moments ago.

And the refrigerator can be even worse!

You: Not the Chinese food!

Yes, the Chinese food. Remember the moo shoo from two weeks ago you were going to eat for lunch tomorrow?

You: Oops.

Then, you decided to go out for lunch then next day. After the distractions of everyday life, you forget to eat the meal at all. A while later, Mr. Moo Shoo makes his triumphant return into your life by suddenly reminding you of your need to dispose of it another way.

Shopping for produce? Make sure to check the fridge before leaving for the store. No sense in buying more lettuce now if you’ve got only two days left with the lettuce in the house before it moves on to the “Land of Great Liquidy Squishy Lettuce Consistency Beyond.”

You: Sounds like you’ve had some personal experience there.


Does every little bit help? You bet. Few ever are able to live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck and knowingly and frequently waste. That refers to food as much as it does to money.

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