Michael on March 18th, 2008
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On the theory that most people won’t create customized news pages for themselves, Alltop aggregates the top blogs and news services in several categories. Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck was recently selected as one of their key sources for personal finance information. Check out the Alltop personal finance site. Now, you won’t need to visit to a zillion blogs (except this one, of course), just go to Alltop and find the headlines which are most relevant to your needs.

In addition, it’s the beginning of the week, so it’s time to link to the personal finance carnival where Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck was once again featured.  Finally, I’ll share one of my favorite posts of the last week:

A popular money debate — and one about which you can have many reasonable people disagree — is the use of 0% credit cards. Since nobody, even (okay, especially) a bank is going to give you something for nothing . . . yes, of course there is a catch! But it doesn’t mean signing up for a 0% card is a bad thing, particularly if you’re already paying high-interest credit card debt. Dough Roller’s post 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards: The 10 Commandments of Responsible Borrowing is a great summary of what you should be thinking about before you fill out that application.

Happy reading!

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2 Comments to “More great sources for personal finance info”

  1. Dough Roller says:

    Congrats for being listed on Alltop and thanks for the link.

  2. Hi, Sam here, running a small Real Estate Enterprise. I read some of your posts, it is quite grabbing as you have mentioned good details and information regarding the nature of properties.

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