Michael on March 14th, 2008
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In about two months, millions of Americans will receive a check from Uncle Sam.

You: How much will I get?

That’s a subject for a future post.

You: Should I save it or spend it?

That depends on your overall financial situation. But more than likely, your check represents a rare opportunity to increase your savings or decrease your debt without the normal pain of cutting back on spending elsewhere. After all, this is “found” money for you.

You: How much will my decision affect the overall economy?

What? Why are you asking that?

You: I don’t rally know. Why would I care?

You don’t. In fact, few Americans ask that question and I have no problem with that. A recent study sponsored by creditcards.com found that about half of Americans do not plan to spend their rebates. Those folks won’t be stimulating the economy either.

Talking with the media is a lot of fun, especially once you get comfortable with the whole process. I’ve talked to Jeremy Simon at creditcards.com many times over the past year, so talking to him is really no different than talking to you; it’s just a conversation. I shared with him my frank opinions on the whole individual’s interests vs. best interests of the national economy dilemma in his new article.

Don’t get me wrong–I love the United States. There’s no better place in the world. But I’m not going to spend more just to prove my patriotism.

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