Michael on April 21st, 2008
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I’ll be presenting two free retirement planning seminars this week.

You: For real?


You: What’s the hitch?

No hitch. It’s free. You even get a free copy of my book if you attend.

You: Now you’re just talking silly-talk.

It’s the truth.

You: Okay, then, fine. When?

Tuesday at 6PM or Wednesday at 12:15PM. Join me after work or use your lunch break.

You: Where?

At the ING DIRECT cafe in Chicago.

You: Aha! Gotcha!

What do you mean?

You: I found it – there’s the hitch.

Where’s the hitch?

You: It’s in Chicago.

The hitch is in Chicago?

You: No. You are.

No I’m not. I’m in New Hampshire.

You: But you’ll be in Chicago.

True, giving two retirement planning seminars. But I told you that.

You: Exactly.


You: I live in LA. The seminars are in Chicago.

I see. Well, for your friends who live in Chicago, there really is no hitch. Check out the ING DIRECT seminar schedule and register to reserve your seat. If you live in LA, NYC, Philadelphia, or Wilmington, Delaware, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. I’ll be visiting you in May.

In the meantime, tell your Chicagoland friends. I look forward to seeing you (or meeting you for the first time).

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