I was thrilled to chat with the preeminent financial columnist Gail MarksJarvis of the Chicago Tribune last week. Over the weekend, the Trib (I can say that, I used to live in Chicago), published her article about a 48 year old man who had recently lost his job and was contemplating bankruptcy as a result.

You: Good idea?

We thought not. Read Bankruptcy a last resort to deal with job loss, debt to find out why.

In addition, this week’s carnival of personal finance is hosted by The Happy Rock. You can find nearly 100 articles at the site, many of which are quite insightful including (including a post of mine from last week: Retirement for Gen X: Black Hole or Perfect Storm? )

As usual, if you only have time for just other article, here’s my weekly recommendation:

  • Tales from the road less traveled presents I’m Only On Page 7!Momma shares how she has problems with the victim mentality of Suze Orman’s The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom.

I love the title of the blog and her passion comes through. Fun read and good for some solid introspection.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

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