Michael on April 1st, 2008
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This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance features my earlier post Three ways to know if you have a good tax preparer. Of course, there are several other compelling articles in the carnival. Rather than list a lengthy list (because, after all, I know you have so much extra time), I boil it down to my favorite each week:

Check out Buy an S&P 500 Index Fund with Low Costs by No Load Index Mutual Funds, who reminds us that fees are everything when you purchase index funds. Their research shows that these funds with effectively identical investments charge anywhere from 0.1% to well over 2.0%. each year. He wonders why one fund can charge so much when most charge much less. To me the answer is quite clear: because they can. Their customers aren’t paying attention.

Don’t become the select few being overcharged. Do your homework. Sure, it’ll take an extra five minutes, but it will be well worth it. Keeping your investment expenses under control is certainly a most financially responsible habit and a key one for living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

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One Comment to “Investment expenses are very important”

  1. That’s why low-cost index funds (eg Vanguard) are so much better than almost all Mutual Funds .. the fund had to beat the market by whateve the fees are that they are charging – most can’t & don’t!

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