Michael on April 15th, 2008
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s–

You: Cheesy.

You try coming up with one hundred different ways to introduce the carnival of personal finance! Not easy.

You: You’re the blogger.

Indeed. This week’s personal finance carnival which featured Five (Nonsensical) Reasons to Delay Saving for Retirement is hosted by Gather Little by Little. If you like North Carolina or, frankly, any nature photography, you’ll get a little treat above and beyond the week’s best personal finance articles.

My one recommended read of the week: (remember, I’m realistic, no laundry lists of stuff to read)

The Financial Generation Gap by Working for Rachel.

Whether or not you agree with her, Rachel has created a solid list of the differences current twenty-somethings vs. those of yesteryear. Sure, it’s somewhat oversimplified, but she’s not presenting it as a Gallup poll. Directionally, there’s a lot more to this than most people would care to admit.

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