Michael on May 21st, 2008
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This week’s carnival of personal finance features dozens of interesting personal finance articles including my post discussing Six Ways to Get a Ton of Money & the Attitudes That Go With Them

Since I know you’re busy, my tradition remains to NOT list five articles (or even 10 or 20) that could be valuable to you. If you want to see them all, and you have the kind of time, kudos: go to the carnival itself or keep surfing Total Candor

But if you have time for just one more article, I suggest 5 Mistakes I Didn’t Repeat When Buying My Cell Phone by Poorer Than You. Getting a new cell phone is something we seem to be doing regularly, yet many times with little advance forethought. This costs us time and money. Poorer Than You succinctly shows you how she (and you) can learn from her past mistakes. Learning from the mistakes of others is also more financially responsible than making them all yourself.

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One Comment to “Getting a new cell phone from a carnival”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I think the reason cell phones trip people up is that first of all, they’re a very emotional object – and secondly, we don’t shop for them very often. It’s the same thing with cars, I suppose.

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