Michael on May 13th, 2008
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Money Under 30 hosted this week’s carnival of personal finance.

You: Money Under 30?


You: Is that some sort of joke?


You: Oxymoron?

For some people. But, probably not for many of those here who actually implement the key steps required. that’s the hope anyway, to help readers achieve what might otherwise seem most difficult.

You: Or oxymoronic.

Is that a word?

You: Not sure. Always wanted to use it though.

Fair enough.

In addition to my post In love with a possible recession? there are numerous other great articles. But since we’re pressed for time, here’s the lengthy list of the best articles (my opinion anyway) from last week’s blogosphere:

  1. 10 Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire.

Humorous, yet effective, No Debt Plan gives you some top tips to ensure you’re never wealthy. Ten seem like too many? No problem! Consistently following just one or two could guarantee you financial troubles for years to come! Get going!

You: Where’s the rest of the list?

You: Hello?

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