Jeremy, the author of the popular Generation X Finance blog, reviewed Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck on Monday.

It was a very favorable review (obviously not a shock, since I’m posting a link to it from my blog). My favorite part is:

What really stands out is the conversational approach. You almost get the feeling that you’re sitting down and talking with Michael directly. I think this approach has many advantages over more conventional books that can come off as a bit preachy. I think this goes a long way in making sure that people who read it actually go on to take action.

Amen, Jeremy!

While of course many of you have already read the book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck–

You: There’s a book too? I thought this was a blog.

I guess I should be less subtle. But I won’t be.

You: Who should read the review?

  • Those who have not yet read Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.
  • Folks wishing to recommend Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck to a friend or loved one who have not yet found the way to broach the topic.
  • People who have already mentioned it once or twice to that guy who really needs it, but find that your “special” friend needs multiple reminders from multiple sources.

If any of those sound familiar, check out the review. Then, send you-know-who over there to read the review too. One day, you’ll be thanked.

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