Michael on July 29th, 2008
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This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by You Need A Budget includes my article “Can I lower my tax withholdings?”.

In my completely unscientific but completely genuine opinion (and in a desire to keep your required reading to a minimum), this week’s one best “other” posting is 7 Ways to Stay Poor. Perhaps I enjoyed this post because LivingAlmostLarge concisely talks about how so many people focus on the little things. Sure, people make little mistakes. But putting too much emphasis on the small stuff while losing money hand over fist on the big stuff is a pure violation of Saving Strategy # 5: Major on the major, minor on the minor. It’s the same reason I’ve always screamed “Your Problem Isn’t Starbucks!”

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One Comment to “How to stay poor at a carnival”

  1. LAL says:

    LOL, thanks for the mention. And yep I scream that the house or car payment as you read the comments are what kill people. The guy I mentioned has a house payment of 50% nearly and with the car payment they are at 60%. Suggesting he cuts his spending, um, what spending? He barely has enough to pay his bills, more income or less fixed expenses!

    The house he has is unaffordable period. He doesn’t drink starbucks, wear fancy clothes because he doesn’t have any extra money!

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