Michael on July 30th, 2008
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You: Dude, you spelled “facts” wrong up there.

Maybe it’s the stress. Ever think of that?

You: Stress? From inflation?

No. From blogging while I’m on vacation.

You: You shouldn’t do that. You’re the guy who talks about balance.

Maybe I’m not.

You: Not what?

It depends.

You: What depends?

There. I’ve distracted you from inflation.

You: I think I’m just confused generally.

That works too. Truth is, inflation shouldn’t stress you out.

You: But why not? Don’t you drive?

I drive. Not a lot, but enough to get to the gas station 2-3 times per month. So, yes, I absolutely notice gas prices. But I’m still not stressed out.

You: You’re so on vacation. Why aren’t you stressed by gas prices?

Because there’s nothing I can do about gas prices. It’s not something I even influence. You can only control what you can control.

Best-selling author James Geary writes a monthly column for the CFP Board. I was pleased to be a key source for his recently released July column about inflation. By reading it, I think you’ll see that while inflation is real, it’s not something which should dramatically impact your stress level. While there may be some opportunities to revisit with regard to your spending, they’re probably not in the way you think.

If you have a comment about the article, feel free to leave it below. Even though I’m not blogging from vacation, it may take me longer to respond than normal. But that’s okay. After all, why stress?

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