Michael on July 14th, 2008
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That’s “live” not “live,” by the way.

You: What?

There are obvious limitations of this medium.

You: The TV show on NBC?

Of blogging.

You: I’ve never seen that episode.

No, this has nothing to do with Patricia Arquette. What I mean is that it’s hard to tell from the subject line whether people would wonder if I’ve survived a short period of contemplating “ending it” or if they can infer that what I really mean is that they can see me live (long “eye” sound) this week and next as I tour the country.

You: Why didn’t you just change the subject?

Of the blog?

You: Yes.

Then you wouldn’t know I was on tour.

You: You’re on tour?


You: Where?

This week I’ll be in Minnesota, Chicago, Philadelphia, Delaware, and New York this month as part of the Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck seminar tour. ING DIRECT provides these seminars at their fun, high-tech, and cutting-edge cafe locations.

At each event, you can attend the seminar, ask questions, get a free drink, and receive a free copy of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck (autographed if you hang out for a bit at the end). All this – regardless of whether you are an ING DIRECT customer! All they ask is that you register in advance, which you can do here.

Did we mention that these event are free? Remember Saving Strategy # 4?

Most of my upcoming live events are now posted online. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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