Personally, I don’t travel overseas very much, but many folks do.

You: Even those living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Most folks departing on international flights charge their tickets. Think every passenger pays his/her bill in full each month?

You: Probably not.

If you’re a jet-setter of the international variety, you might enjoy and benefit from a quick read of Brett Arends’ recent ROI column A Tip for Overseas Travelers: Leave Your Cellphones Home. It’s another classic example of how spending a little bit of time can save you a lot of money yet not decrease the quality of your life one iota. That’s the kind of saving strategy I like best.

You: Fiscally responsible. Not cheap.


Have a saving strategy of your own you’d like to share? If there’s interest (and volume), we can make this a recurring feature every so often. So, if you’re on the fence: hop over it and share a saving strategy of yours. Pay it forward.

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