Michael on August 11th, 2008
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Those who know me best are aware that I’m a huge University of Michigan football fan.

You: Even after last year’s –

I don’t want to talk about it. Besides, – oh just forget it. This week’s carnival of personal finance, hosted by No Debt Plan, adopts a college football theme that, despite somewhat excessive pictures from the SEC, is both fun and informative to read. In addition to my post Financial strategies during a downturn, the carnival has dozens of useful articles.

My personal favorite (again my lengthy list of “one”) and a true must-read is Lazy Man and Money’s discussion of Ways Not Having a Job Impacts Our Personal Finances.

Obviously, there’s more to the post than the simple loss of salary. And, while the list isn’t all inclusive of what you’d potentially lose, it’s a great starting point. He also presents a similar list of what he’s gained.  Either way, if you’re thinking about making the leap to self-employment (be it in a year, 10 years, or 30 minutes from now when the boss finally gets in), this reading will be invaluable in your preparation, financially and otherwise, for the dramatic changes in your life.  Welcome and good luck!

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