Michael on August 25th, 2008
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This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Broke Grad Student, features many wonderful articles about money, plus several memorable pictures from the Olympics. As a big volleyball fan, my personal Olympic highlight was the the U.S. beating the Russians in the men’s semi-finals.

You: Dude, I think that was the 1980 Olympics and the sport was hockey.

The similarities were eerie, excepting Mike Eruzione being played by Clay Stanley. Like 1980, not only was it the more entertaining match (compared to the finals which were a thrill but not as the semi-finals), the volleyball match was televised at a ridiculously inconvenient time (although live) for most American viewers.

You: When was it on?

From about midnight to 3AM a few nights ago, eastern time.

You: You stayed up?

Nope. I taped it.

You: You mean Tivo’d it.

No, I mean taped it.

You: VCRs are still out there?

Yup – and they work too. Plus, at 2 in the morning there aren’t too many commercials, so you don’t have to fast-forward through them all the next day. Also, I paid about $50 for a VCR several years ago and there isn’t a monthly fee. But enough about that saving opportunity.

In addition to a link to my article about Making intelligent 401(k) investment decisions, I’m going to recommend as the one required reading of the week a short and sweet piece titled 10 Ways to Bury Yourself In Debt.

Not sure I need to explain it any further. Enjoy,have a great week, and GO USA!

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One Comment to “Olympic volleyball is not indebted”

  1. Thanks for the mention of my article. Much appreciated. I’ll track back.

    I missed a lot of the Olympics this year for various reasons. It’s nice reading about the highlights. I see you love volleyball!


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