Michael on September 15th, 2008
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You:  The airlines?


You:  The passengers?

You’re kidding, right?

You:  The bartenders?

Bingo!  My 8:50 PM scheduled flight departure Friday evening had an actual “wheels up” time of 12:55 AM.  That’s a pretty long delay, even in my extensive travel history.  But the good news was that I wasn’t stuck on the plane the whole time.

You: How did you avoid that?

Easy.  There was no plane – it was in Ohio.

You: And you weren’t?

Nope. I was in Philadelphia.  There’s one good thing about being out of town, I have learned, when it is raining cats and dogs causing your flight to be delayed.

You: One thing, huh?  That’s a longer list than I would have expected.  What is it?

The local baseball team has a good shot of being rained out.

You: So?

The Red Sox game might be on.

You: Ah.

So a bunch of us baseball fans passed a few hours watching the Red Sox game and came to the conclusion (confirmed by our friendly bartender) that heinous flight delays are a boondoggle for the bartenders, since people just sit around and drink like fish watch baseball.

Speaking of carnivals -

You: What?

Hey, I’m still tired.

You: Is that what you call it?

Yes. Fatigue.  So this week’s carnival of personal finance once again includes my article about Where will the next bubble come from?

You: We could use a bubble right about now.

Indeed, a crazy weekend on Wall Street and an interesting opening this morning.

While there are plenty of great articles at the carnival, you know I limit myself to one recommendation for the week (unless you find yourself with a heinous airport delay with plenty of Internet access and no beer baseball, in which case you can check yourself into a mental institution read the whole carnival).  Here’s the recommended article of the week:

Are You Throwing Money Away? Unused Expenses and Untapped Discounts

Take a look at both sides of the equation: 1) What are you paying too much for because you don’t actually need as much as you first thought and 2) What rewards have you earned that you aren’t using?   Personally, I’m pretty good at the first type, but this article served as a good reminder to take advantage of what I’ve already “won!”

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One Comment to “Who wins when your flight is delayed?”

  1. PT says:

    I’m honored to be your recommended article. :) Glad you weren’t subjected to the long delay ON the plane. Those are the worst.

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