Michael on October 29th, 2008
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Having just read through this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, I’m happy to provide you with the number one article of the week: Is the credit crunch threatening your relationship? What a shame that the question has to be asked and I’m hopeful that Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck readers can confidently answer “No.”  But the truth is that, at least in the U.K., the answer is an undeniable yes, as divorce inquiries there are through the roof.

Just last week I wrote about Personal finance and your spouse, stressing the importance of getting on the same page as your life partner.  I hope each of you did (or already were ).  Although this financial turmoil should prove temporary (as every other previous storm has), all of our emotions are heightened. I believe this is due to some sort of fight of flight instinct taking over because we can’t control much of what is going on around us.

However, we can each control the most important part of the economic situation – how we react to it. I, for one, know that this will have little to no impact on any of my relationships.  It may cause me to talk to some people more about money than in a normal situation – usually in the form of answering questions, but on the whole, money is not the primary focus on my interaction with the key people in my life.

I do enough of that during normal business hours!

If you missed it, my post Why you’ll pay tax on losing investments was also featured in this week’s carnival.

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