Michael on October 31st, 2008
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You:  Wasn’t the first economic stimulus a failure?

Well, some people feel it did help the economy.

You: What?  The economy’s in the crapp toilet.

Still, some people feel the economy would have been even worse earlier if not for the first stimulus package.  That said, the administration of the economic stimulus is still causing pain, evidenced by my earlier blog posting (and the fact that people are still commenting on it months later).

But today, I am going to ask you a question.  Actually two questions:

  1. Do you think we should get another economic stimulus?
  2. Do you think we will get another economic stimulus?

Where do Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck readers stand on these questions?

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One Comment to “Second economic stimulus?”

  1. Matthew says:

    i believe that another economic stimulus package could be be useful yes but i dont like the politics of how it works in our system now. it’s being used to acquiesce the common folk it’s like dangling a carrot if you get it you shut up for a bit but it’s doesn’t solve the problem. when medicare is a 74 billion or is it trillion dollar problem and social security isn’t working and market crashing depression recession whatever it’s just like Obama says it is a time for change. and my personal though on that change is the fair tax in the way the bill is situated we will receive a stimulus package every month and that in itself can be part of the fix but the fair tax requires a dismantling of the system as it is that’s why it wont be passed to many ppl getting fat off how it is now.
    As to the second question yes there most likely will be another stimulus package probably in the first quarter of next year to seem like it really had to be thought out and to prolong torture of when will it happen and I’m actually happy to be in American at this time of recession give you perspective.

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