Michael on October 20th, 2008
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I hope you had a nice weekend.  Aside from sports (Michigan got killed and the Red Sox finally succumbed in Game 7) I had a great weekend.  My family and I went to the White Mountains and had a wonderful time.  The girls just love the outdoors, especially hiking.  Thanks to hotel points, the whole weekend cost less than $100 (including several meals, a bunch of hikes, and a tank of gas) yet we made memories all weekend long.  It’s such a treat to see how much a three-year old can look forward to climbing a mountain! Indeed, although we were gone less than 36 hours, it was like a month in the “recharge” department.

Although this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance provides links to dozens of excellent financial planning articles, Don’t get screwed by your landlord. Top Tips is my favorite article.  Of course, if you missed my post, Return of premium term life insurance overview, last week, the Carnival provides another great opportunity to understand that product.

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  1. FruGal says:

    Thanks for the mention! :)

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