Michael on November 12th, 2008
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Aloha from Hawaii.  Just reading through this week’s carnival of personal finance.

You: From Hawaii?  Pathetic.

Not arguing.  Nonetheless, I was excited to see that my post Toilet Paper as an Economic Indicator was there.  Also, an interview I did with Kimberly Palmer at her US News Alpha Consumer blog was posted last night.  In it, I speak extensively about writing Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, the importance of emotional connetion, and ways to enjoy free stuff.  It’s a good read – check it out.

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One Comment to “Carnival, US News”

  1. Jing says:

    Great Stuff! Even though I’ve heard these advises many times, they are still very inspirational. Thanks, Michael!
    One more thing about credit card…I have a few friends go overseas all the time, and they are pretty good at picking credit cards which can be used in foreign countries with less or no transaction fees, cash back, and ect. They told me it is actually cheaper than spending cash there. :)

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