Michael on November 3rd, 2008
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I’m lucky. I have the greatest job in the world.

You: Seriously?

Okay, I can’t prove it, but that’s how it feels most days.  I spend all my waking business time helping people help themselves through financial literacy. It’s truly a great field to be in.  So, while I was breezing through this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, I was intrigued by an article titled Now May Be a Good Time to Quit Your Job. After all, I’ve quit jobs before.

What a great read!

You: That’s a pretty enthusiastic response. Are you quitting?

Heck no.  But it was a good reminder of why I love what I’m doing and that, if I no longer felt that way, I’d probably stop.  Take a look at that article, but remember, as I commented on the post, one’s ability to keep in balance in his/her non-financial life is only made possible by having the savings cushion necessary to take a time-out.

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Today, I have something else I want to share.  Although I typically limit my suggested articles to a grand total of one, this week I want to share a second, very short, very poignant posting titled Being poor is a state of mind.  This post could have just as easily been titled Being Rich is a State of Mind, and it serves as a good reminder for anyone feeling sorry for themselves because of the recent increased financial pressure we are all feeling.

Of course, if you missed my post Pay less for the same, that too is featured in this week’s carnival, so take a look.

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One Comment to “Quitting takes a cushion”

  1. Shadox says:

    Thank you kindly for the link and the warm recommendation. There are additional interesting background detail to the story which hopefully I will be able to share in 2 weeks or so, but I agree that we probably would not have been able to take this dramatic step had we been living paycheck to paycheck.

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