Michael on December 22nd, 2008
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Just about to step into an interview with the Boston NBC affiliate (will air in early 2009) so quickly sharing this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, featuring my article Year-End Financial Planning Tips including 401(k) Matching Contributions.

In the spirit of “we’re all crazy-busy,” the best article of the week is a passionate explanation of one woman’s experience and internal debate about working outside the home while raising children.  Everyone comes to their own conclusion, often privately, on this issue and it’s great to see it talked about so frankly:
A Mother’s Struggle Between Work And Kids

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You:  How much did you shovel this weekend?

Two and a half-feet; 3 hours all told.  How much did you shovel over the weekend?  You can answer in time or inches.

<Insert Michael Scott’s favorite line here.>

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