Michael on January 19th, 2009
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This week’s carnival of personal finance features several quality articles including my post Lessons From Flight 1549, which was selected as an Editor’s Pick.  In addition to that article, I’m recommending exactly one other must-read from the carnival:

If you’re about to join a gym (or have resolved to joining a gym but haven’t quite done so), read Joining the gym? Read this first.  Written by the Brit FruGal, it’s a relatively concise summary of what you should consider and do when picking a gym to join.

It’s a particularly timely piece, given the amount of people pledging to turn over two leaves at once this time of year: financial and exercise. Making a gym membership decision is the rare intersection of the two.  Get it right and win – twice.

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2 Comments to “Carnivals, Airplanes, and Gyms”

  1. Well-Heeled says:

    I just checked out your Total Candor site – it’s so great that you’re doing seminars at colleges. I wish I had something similar when I was an undergrad. I’m sure the students appreciate your workshops.

  2. Michael says:

    @Well-Heeled: Thanks for the kind words; indeed, so far the reception on college campuses has been overwhelmingly positive with some indicating it was among their most valuable experiences. Hopefully, we can get this education to more and more graduates in the near future!

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