Michael on January 21st, 2009
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Much has been going on behind the scenes here at Total Candor.  Today’s blog post highlights some of the most important:

  • MSN Money did a big piece – including a webcast video link to the left of the article – about The big cost of baby. A must-read for new or expecting parents.
  • For your tropical listening pleasure, here’s an extensive interview I did with Hawaii Public Radio last November while in Honolulu for several speaking engagements with ING DIRECT.  Listen to Town Square with Beth-Ann Kozlovich.  You’ll get a lot of useful information and also learn how to say local place names properly. Even “Honolulu” doesn’t sound like “Honolulu” when it’s uttered by someone who actually lives there.
  • Want more free stuff?  Learn about this blog’s Q & A benefit.  Your question just might be selected.

I hope you enjoy all these links and look forward to any comments!

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