Michael on January 27th, 2009
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Thanks to a crazy Monday, I just finished reading through this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, a football-themed extravaganza hosted by Taking Charge.  The top Saving/Investing post of the week was my recent post Investing in 2009 – What are your financial priorities? in which I answer a reader’s question about the relative importance of establishing an emergency fund in an environment of dramatically lower stock prices.

As is my custom, I’ll also highlight the best article of the carnival.

You: How is the best article determined?

Exclusively by me.

You: Based on what metrics?

How much I like an article compared to the others.

You: That doesn’t seem to be very scientific.

It’s not at all scientific. It’s just my opinion.  However, it allows me to quickly cut to the chase for you.

You: A point you are quickly defeating by continuing this meaningless dialogue.

Fair point. My favorite article is How Long Do We Really Need to Keep Those Papers? by My Dollar Plan. It’s a good and concise list of what you need to keep, for how long, and what you can toss right away. Hey, less paperwork means less storage, so you’re saving right there. Then there’s your sanity . . .

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One Comment to “How long do I have to keep this stuff?”

  1. Your favorite? Wow…. I’m flattered! Thanks for mentioning it.

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