Tax Preparation Doesn’t Have to Suck

Most people dread their tax return.  I’ve seen them – annoyed when the topic comes up and frustrated when the whole thing is over.  (Kind of like rooting for the Cubs.)

Sometimes this tax return dread is because people don’t want to do their return on their own or are scared they’ll make a mistake.  Yet they’re not sure what they’ll get – let alone how much they’d pay – choosing another option.  Heck, many folks aren’t even sure what their other options are.  Here’s how I see the tax preparation marketplace today:

  • Do it yourself (CHEAPEST)
    • Pro’s: save money
    • Con’s: Possibly pay more money in taxes due to missed tax opportunities, plus the pain and time required to prepare your own tax return
  • Visit H & R Block or similar storefront operation (FASTEST)
    • Pro’s: fast, no appointment, possibly little waiting
    • Con’s: return to be prepared by someone with at most a few hours more of tax education than you have at a cost to you of 10 times his/her wage
  • Use a local CPA or accounting firm (MOST EXPENSIVE)
    • Pro’s: Quality, expertise
    • Con’s: Costly, will you be an important client?

Personally, I didn’t like any of those options for my friends.  To that end I started Total Candor Tax Prep.

Q: Who will do your return and what are their qualifications?

A:  Me, a CPA who has been doing tax returns for people of all income levels for 15 years.

Q: What will you charge?

A:  This much.

Q: Will it be worth it?

A:  We charge a very fair price and then make your decision an absolute no-brainer by throwing in a 30 minute financial education consultation at no extra charge.

So here’s the fourth option:

  • Total Candor Tax Prep, an affordable virtual CPA (BEST)
    • Pro’s:  CPA quality at below CPA prices, free financial education session by telephone, more (see below)
    • Con’s: If you really want to meet your CPA in person, you might not get the chance.

In addition, Total Candor Tax Preparation includes:

Just three weeks into January and we’re already way ahead of last year’s pace for new clients. But we want to grow this concept significantly for many years. As such, we are offering a new, richer, 25% referral bonus for new clients.  Refer just four new clients and your tax return is on us.  Not a client yet?  Become one and bring a friend (or family member, roommate, or co-worker – you get the idea).

Why have the same miserable experience as last year?  Wouldn’t you rather be Laura P., from Yonkers, New York, another Total Candor Tax Prep Client, who told us:

It was great working with you – thank you for making something that so many people dislike – even dread – much easier to understand and digest. It was also nice to have the extra incentive of the financial consultation to get professional input as to what I can be doing better going forward.

Learn more about our tax return preparation services, read our FAQs, or stop debating it already and get started.  You won’t regret it and you won’t go back.  This year, get something more from your tax preparer.

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2 Comments to “Tax Preparation Options: Another Choice for Tax Preparation”

  1. I’ve done my own taxes through Turbo Tax for years and love the simplicity of it. I’ve learned a ton about the tax system in the process as well. Valuable tool…

  2. Michael says:

    @Grant: I’m a big fan of trying to do it on your own. Furthermore, if you’ve got a simple return, using software like Turbo Tax can definitely get you all the way there on the cheap.

    On the other hand, with new clients I often find tax opportunities missed on all but the most basic prior year returns. Like everything else, it’s a balancing act. No matter, learning about the tax system is a definite plus.

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