After a bunch of requests, I finally got my act together and I’m now on Twitter. So, as the saying goes, feel free to follow me on twitter. I have many ideas for using this (relatively) new medium (to me) some of which I think are going to be fun, so hop on over there.

My brother, ever the negotiator, forwarded me a how-to guide to saving money on your cell phone bill.

Like I’ve said before, the dread of such tasks can easily exceed the reality of the undertaking.  For the woman in this example, her efforts were worth over $500/hour. Better yet, her total time invested: 12 minutes.  Most of us will dwell making the call for far longer than the actual call will take. But even if you do, you have no chance to save money until you pick up that phone.  Your hourly earnings are zero dollars per hour.  So: no more dwelling!  Start doing and you’ll begin saving month after month on those recurring minor expenses, key current users of your precious cash-flow.

On a completely unrelated note and as I posted on twitter yesterday,

If the girl scouts can sell cookies to every American during a recession, why don’t we see if they can get the credit markets moving?

I welcome your thoughts on all of these topics. Have a great weekend.

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