Michael on March 23rd, 2009
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Change is good.

  • It was finally warm enough to go on a hike yesterday. (Well warm enough for a short hike wearing a hat and gloves anyway).
  • There’s less than a month to go until April 15 (Yes, I do taxes and my clients are thrilled.).
  • Michigan won a NCAA tournament basketball game for the first time since 1998!
  • With the time change, daylight lasts not only past 4:30, but to nearly 7 PM.
  • I’ll be in Maryland and Chicago next month.  (Be sure to let me know if you or your organization is nearby!)

All good things in my life to be sure and none too affected by AIG bonuses or Cramer vs. Stewart.  Too many people focusing on “non-controllables,” if you ask me.

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on the blog, especially answering questions at what might be the world’s biggest first time homebuyer credit Q & A forum and finishing up delighted client’s tax returns.  I hope to see and meet many of you online or in-person in the near future.

I just read through this week’s carnival of personal finance, hosted by Four Pillars.  Good stuff there too.

Any good change in your life?

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