It was in the fifties here in New Hampshire yesterday.  In early March, that counts as a great day.  It seemed like everyone was outside.  Indeed, it was fun reconnecting with our neighbors over something besides a snow shovel.  Having always lived in cold weather climates (New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, and New Hampshire) I’ve wondered if people in warm places (southern California and Florida for example), could possibly appreciate a 50 degree day as much as we Yankees. (Yankee in this case meaning New Englander, not one who plays for the team from the Bronx.)

As a rough segue into personal finance, it’s as though I am asking if those with a bunch of money might have a tough time appreciating a sudden cash inflow of ten bucks like someone recently laid off.

Given our economy, it seems like people (both those with and without money) have begun to appreciate it a bit more. Our national savings rate has finally gone positive (although it remains paltry).

Will it last when the economy invariably turns around or is this a just while times seem bad phenomenon? After all, nothing lasts forever.  It’s snowing right now, and the forecast is for three to six more inches.

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One Comment to “Spring was here, saving still is – which will hang around”

  1. J Swoboda says:

    I agree completely. As soon as the economy gets back on track, how difficult will it be to maintain good spending habits. Personally, I just started a new program to help with my finances. is offering trial memberships to Dave Ramsey’s for everyone who submits an application. Just wanted to pass it along!

    J Swoboda

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