Michael on April 1st, 2009
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April fools.  Did I get you?

Today’s topic is:

Spending less on technology

Until recently, upgrading your computer every two or three years was a virtual necessity.  Now, many people have learned that the PCs of a few years ago can be made into practically new machines by adding memory and hard-drive space.  Furthermore, the total cost to do is often less than $200.  (As a sidenote, my 3.5 year old Mac iBookG4 doesn’t appear to have such improvement opportunities and is moving slower and slower – if you have ideas to improve it’s performance, I’d love to hear from you)!

Back to the issue at hand.  In 2004, after about five years of solid performance, I finally dumped my grad school Dell Latitude laptop. It had been a solid performer – worked great for about five years until someone (an individual who looked like me and had my initials) accidentally spilled a teaspoon’s worth of water on it. Turns out the water limit for that machine was zero.

Crazy to think of now, but I had paid over $2,500 in 1998 for that machine (Imagine spending that kind of money on a computer today!  I believe machines that cost $3K can launch missiles.)

When I began the shopping process in 2004, I was told about Dell Outlet, which saved me about 30%. Yesterday, I saw How to Save $7,500 on Your Technology Purchases It got my attention.  I hope it gets yours.  Why pay more for the same?

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