Michael on April 6th, 2009
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Glad to be back at it today after a good mental break yesterday.  You know something?  Fish will do that for you.

You: You went fishing?

Sort of.  I went to look at fish. Also saw some penguins, sharks, and giant sea turtles.  I visited the New England Aquarium with my wife and two daughters.  Total cost outside of gas in a high mileage car: $0.

You: How did you do that?

Simple, my tickets were free because we’re become a family that is fiscally responsible, not cheap. We buy local memberships.

You: Okay, but free parking in Boston?

That’s easy too. Just make sure you’re saving money while you’re spending it. Sure it takes a little effort, but if you’re willing to drive around the block a few times and walk a quarter-mile, you shouldn’t have to pay parking in Boston on a Sunday morning.

Later on yesterday afternoon, we went to a playground that my eldest called “HUGE!”

You: And that cost – ?

Nothing, of course.  It’s a playground.

You: So did you spend any money in Boston?

Sure, we had a great lunch at an authentic local eatery – the kind of food we haven’t yet been able to find where we live in New Hampshire.

You: You realize that you could have brought food with you and ate it at the playground.

I know that.

You: So why didn’t you?

Because the point of the day was NOT to spend NO money.  The point, financially speaking, is to spend only on the things I value. I do not value parking. I do not value paying more for admission tickets than I have to.  I do not value overpriced museum hamburgers. But a good meal I can’t get at home?  Totally worth it.

Living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck has always been and always will be about balance.

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3 Comments to “Spending on what matters . . . to you”

  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing Sunday for your family!

    I agree with you. You won’t find me paying for silly things I can get for free such as parking, a newspaper, or water…

    But I will spend money on food…we like to eat!

  2. Michael says:

    @Grant: Thanks for the comment. Isn’t it funny? One of the things I do enjoy spending money on IS a newspaper. I get two to my house everyday. Of course, you won’t find me buying one at a newsstand. . .

  3. Jives says:

    Nice post!

    Memberships are a great way to save money, they pay for themselves after only a few visits … and the more time kids spend in a cultural institution like the Aquarium, the more comfortable they become and the more fun and learning takes place!

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