Michael on May 8th, 2009
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At about this time last year I wrote a hypothetical graduation speech (I speak a lot to college students and on Monday I’ll be speaking at a high school but never for graduation.) Nonetheless, I’m confident that, sooner or later, I’ll speak at a graduation ceremony. (Hey, it’s good to be optimistic.) In the [...]

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Michael on May 6th, 2009
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You: Uh-oh.
You: You’re not going “there,” are you?
No. I have consistently tried my best to suppress any political leaning from my blog postings, books (I say books, not book, because I am working on book number two right now), and seminars.
You: But you must care, right?  You do vote, don’t you?
Yes and yes.  However, my [...]

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A headline on page one of today’s Wall Street Journal reads “Rally Sends U.S. Stocks Into Black For the Year.”  If that sounds unlikely, that’s because it seemed impossible just a few weeks ago.  But, as I mentioned last week, you should always expect the unexpected.
In recent months, I’ve seen several articles claiming the end [...]

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Michael on May 1st, 2009
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In these trying times, some folks are looking everywhere for expenses to cut.  That’s a good idea.  Some insurance coverages are stupid. Just last week, I blasted the concept of life insurance for children.  Previously I’ve tried to persuade people to take a pass on most extended warranties.
Several weeks ago I received an email from [...]

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