Father’s Day Financial Lessons

Earlier this month, I wrote a detailed article Three Financial Reminders For New Dads over at FiLife (a joint venture between The Wall Street Journal and IAC.  I’m sharing it with you in honor of Father’s Day. How are you (or the Dad in your life) celebrating? I’m going to the Red Sox game – can’t wait!

A LifeTuner Interview

I was recently interviewed by LifeTuner.org, a new web site from AARP geared at (are you sitting down?) young people.  It’s a great site for several reasons I’ll probably get into sooner or later but for now, just go check it out because there’s some great discussions, great experts (okay, I’m slightly biased there), but not a lot of people yet because they’re still in beta. As a result, you can get a lot more help (for free and from true experts) there than nearly anywhere else on the web.

Here’s my hour-long interview with LifeTuner where I answered questions ranging from saving strategies to 529 plans and from health insurance to the new credit card legislation. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know either way!

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