Michael on July 13th, 2009
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This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance features my Top 10 Most Annoying Ways to Lose A Little Money.  Among the 70+ solid financial articles in the carnival is Fiscal Fizzle’s Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates.

Among Fiscal Fizzle’s top tips are:

Home Situation, noting that often homeowners are given better auto quotes because their homeownership indicates greater lifestyle stability. He also mentions the crime statistics relevant to the neighborhood where you park your car nightly.  I can testify to the validity of the second point: My first year out of college I moved to a nearby town to save money on rent, only to subsequently learn that nearly all of my rent savings were to be wiped out by higher insurance premiums prevalent in my new lower-priced neighborhood. Ouch.

Cash is king, highlighting that those who pre-pay for the year can save a fair bit in the annual cost of insurance, since it means less billing and administrative expense for the insurer (The same thing is true of higher deductibles). While not necessarily feasible for those struggling today, once you begin to live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, your financial life becomes even easier as you have the financial wherewithal to take advantage of such opportunities.

What ways have you cut your car insurance premiums?

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