Michael on July 20th, 2009
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This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance features Free Money Finance’s post The Cost of a New Home.  As you know, my wife and I began looking for a home earlier this summer, hired a buyer’s agent, and have debated the merits of location vs. home quality.

Free Money Finance is also looking for a home.  He and his wife have been looking, on and off, for three years.   They’re faced with a different conundrum.  They’re mortgage-free.

You: that’s a conundrum?

Sort of.  To get the kind of home they’d like to move for, it looks like they’d have to incur some significant costs.  He’s trying to be opportunistic by seeking out fire sales, but even in Michigan (home of the worse unemployment rate in the U.S.), such deals are hard to come by.  As a result, he’s still looking.  Check out how he’s evaluating his decision, and note the interesting, if not occasionally slightly off-topic comments, concerning happiness vs. financial impact.

I think you’ll find the carnival among the m0st creative to date, as it pairs every post with a President.  For better or worse, my post Five Reasons Not to Count on An Inheritance in Your Retirement Plan, sits next to a picture of Millard Fillmore.  Didn’t he become a comic strip?

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