Michael on August 31st, 2009
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Rather then focus on cutting costs to the bare bone, I try to ensure that I maximize the value I receive out of every dollar I spend.
You: Every dollar?
Not really.
You: Good. After all, you’re the one who wrote Your Problem Isn’t Starbucks.  I would hope you still stand by it.
I do. But I’ll give you [...]

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Michael on August 28th, 2009
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Although I graduated from college well before David from Money Under 30 began his work as a college textbook salesman, I know first-hand of the pain he details in Confessions of a Textbook Salesman, a highlight of this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Adam of Your Money Relationship.  (Adam was kind enough to [...]

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Michael on August 26th, 2009
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According to 2007 IRS data and some highlights from The Tax Foundation, here are some facts about who pays what when it comes to income taxes:
The top 1% earn 22.8% of all the adjusted gross income. These people pay 40.4% of all the federal income taxes.  To make the top 1%, you must have earned [...]

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Eight years ago, Congress passed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act. Numerous tax laws were changed as a consequence, many significantly.  Most of the changes were phased in over time and now, eight years later, most have.  But one of the biggest changes is right around the corner. I found that humorous.
You: [...]

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Michael on August 21st, 2009
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Choosing whether to convert an existing IRA into a Roth IRA is an important decision. Currently, such conversions are limited to people with MAGI’s (that’s modified adjusted gross income in IRS-speak) of less than $100,000. But in 2010, that income restriction goes away.  Therefore, virtually everyone will have the opportunity to convert their IRA into [...]

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Michael on August 19th, 2009
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I wrote last week about how to negotiate your cable bill, a process that, while painful, was rather lucrative.  Today I share with you a couple of other additional phone calls I made to save some dough and the lessons we can learn as a result.
Rubin v. The Bank Soon to be Formerly Known as [...]

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Michael on August 17th, 2009
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It’s remarkable how much psychology plays a role in money-related decisions.
You: In everything, really.
True, there’s a psychological element to nearly every choice you make.
By the way I just got an email that Total Candor won an award from the US Commerce Association.
You: Congratulations!
You: No?
No.  It didn’t pass the smell test.
You: How did you know?
First off, [...]

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Michael on August 14th, 2009
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I am taking my youngest daughter to see her grandparents and great-grandparents today.
You: Sounds like fun.
Let’s hope so.
You: Why aren’t you optimistic? You love family.

Sure do, but my girl is only 19 months and she’s going to be on my lap for a few hours. If she’s good, I’m good. If she’s not good, I’m [...]

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Michael on August 12th, 2009
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I don’t want you to wait any longer to negotiate your cable bill.
Personally, I waited too long to try to lower my cable bill.  I try my best to follow my own advice.  But, as a long-time reader named Jeff recently pointed out, I, like nearly everyone, can lose the forest for the trees when [...]

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Michael on August 10th, 2009
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You: Cheesy title.
Monday morning.
You: You too?
Yup.  Anyway, I thought I’d take this fine Monday morning to highlight some of my best recent articles from around the web:

Twelve Crazy Myths of Personal Finance was a ton of fun to write. Pretty sure you’ll enjoy it too, evidenced by its selection as an editor’s pick at [...]

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